so who's behind this?

I'm Rocko, 20, she/her, latina and a lesbian, and very much new to coding a whole website to browse.

MS paint is my best friend and I love YTPs more that I can type bold and italic text.

you'll find a lot of miscellaneous things around here, but mostly stuff relating to anime and silly music
I tend to linger on projects of all types, but I love making things even if they take months to make!


music: I like a lot of prog rock bands, such as Genesis, Jethro Tull, Yes, Rush, and Pink Floyd. Ian Anderson has not left my mind lately.
classic rock/yacht rock in general is fun to listen to, as I grew up with it! If u don't like Steely Dan then get OUT!
vocaloid has also been a huge interest of mine for a long time now. Some of my favorite producers are sunzriverP, Kiichi, Hikkie-p, Utsu-P, and Pinocchio-P!
will come back and update this with a playlist of my fave songs ever... stay tuned

anime/gayming/cartoons: since a young age, I've been looped into anime from this silly video, and while my taste has barely changed, its
far from what I started with! some of my favorite anime include hidamari sketch, nana, mob psycho 100, soul eater, azumanga daioh, and lupin iii!
game series I enjoy are puyo puyo, kirby, the mother series/earthbound, touhou, rpg maker games (especially ib, yume nikki and its fangames),
and undertale/deltarune to name a few!

miscellaneous: I enjoy looking into old tech, especially revolving around windows xp and other older windows OSes!
shareware, desktop accessories, and just old software from my childhood especially pique my interest, and I love browsing archives for more!
I also like to edit videos every now and then, mainly to make some silly jokes with friends, but I always wanna learn more!

thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web!